Backyard Burning Checklist


☐   Do you really have to burn?  Are there alternatives?

☐   Will your burn be legal? Does it comply with the :  (links will open in a new tab)

☐   Have you checked the weather forecast? If it’s likely to be windy – DO NOT BURN!!

☐   Smoke Direction – who is likely to be affected by your smoke?

☐   What is the best time of day to burn?

☐   Do you require a permit?


☐   Maintain an adequate fuel break.

☐   Have sufficient help.

☐   Provide enough firefighting tools – water etc.

☐   Keep the burn away from other combustible materials.


☐   Neighbours – reduce complaints, false alarms – 911 calls

☐   Local Fire Dept. or Fire Centre – seek advice, AVOID A FALSE ALARM!


☐   Attend the fire with fire fighting tools at all times while it is burning and there is a risk of the fire escaping!

☐   Ensure the fire is extinguished before leaving.

☐   Be responsible and report the fire if it escapes!

You are strongly encouraged to look at all alternatives to burning.

Even when spring burning is well planned it is still risky. Spur of the moment decisions to burn are just asking for trouble. June to September can be the driest months of the fire season in this area and with the lowest humidity. Adding to this, ground fuels are cured and dry and the needles on the coniferous trees have not yet “flushed”.

Consequences to consider, if the fire escapes:

  • YOU are responsible to fight the fire!
  • YOU may be responsible to supply additional fire fighters and equipment!
  • YOU may be subject to other agency fire control costs!
  • YOU may be subject to costs for damage to property and crown timber
  • YOU may be subject to fines or other penalties!

There are trade-offs to consider regarding the best time of day to burn. 

Early morning or late evening burns will be less intense and more manageable but smoke may hang low and affect neighbours or roadways.

Burning during the heat of the day will provide for better venting conditions in most cases, but winds can be more unpredictable due to daytime heating and even a small gust can send a manageable fire out of control in seconds!

For more information or to answer burning related questions, please contact the East Wellington Fire Department (250-585-2931 / email)

     I certify that I have read and understand the above and would like to proceed to the application form.

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