The Mountain Fire Protection District is a local government authority responsible for providing Fire Protection and Street Lighting to the residents and property owners of the East Wellington/Jingle Pot area.

MFPD was granted improvement district status by Letters Patent in 1955. The MFPD is governed by a board of elected trustees (elected by area property owners) one of whom acts as chair (as elected by the Board). Our board members are all volunteers.

Improvement districts are autonomous local government bodies responsible for providing one or more local services for the benefit of the residents in a community. They vary considerably in size, from small subdivisions, to urban communities. Improvement districts are usually located in rural areas of the province where there was no alternative form of local governance available, suitable, or desirable for the community. They are similar in structure to a municipality but are more informal and only provide direct services such as waterworks, fire protection or street lighting. There are more than 200 improvement districts operating in the province.