We are an Improvement District comprising of the East Wellington and Jingle Pot area of the Regional District of Nanaimo.

Located at the foot of Mount Benson and just minutes inland from Nanaimo’s Harbour, it’s a great place to live.

Please use this site to learn about us, our fire department and for interested parties there's bylawspermits/forms and meeting minutes

 Community News 

Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Accreditation

On April 3 2021 , East Wellington Fire Department accomplished a true milestone in successfully completing the Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Accreditation Testing requirements.

 Now it is up to you as homeowners to notify your insurance company  and inform them of the change in fire protection and you might be able to benefit from reductions in your insurance premiums !!!!!

We’re proud to provide our community with this opportunity for savings !!!


Did you know?

All Outdoor Burning in BC is BANNED

UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE  NO CAMPFIRES ARE PERMITTED. Let's all have a fun and safe fire-free summer.

 Thanks for your continued support

All EWFD Members

Next Improvement District Meeting  September 16 2021 - 7 pm at Fire Hall, Gord Bush Meeting Room!

Public is now allowed !

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