Permits & Forms

Please find info on this page related to backyard burning, street lighting and other general MFPD-related documents. 

Fire Permits

  • No Burning During High Danger Rating or Campfire Bans

  • For all fires, the smoke control/venting index must be consulted. There is to be no burning unless the venting index is "good" on the day of the burn.

  • There is to be no burning of trash or other toxic materials. Also no burning of materials from off site (burn materials from other locations).

  • For the forms required or any questions, please contact the Fire Department.

Fire Categories: Do I need a permit?

Category 1: 
Campfire.  Must be less than 0.5m X 0.5m, hand piled.

Permit not required.


Category 2:
Backyard.  Must be less than 3m X 3m X 2m.

Permit required, April 15 – Oct 15.


Category 3:
Land Clearing and Resource Management. Larger than 3m diameter.

Permit required, always.  Burn Registration Number required.  Call 1-888-797-1717 or Refer to Open Fire Regulations,


Download Burning Permit Forms

If required, download, complete and submit your Burn Permit Application entirely electronically. 

You must also submit a Property Owner's Permission to Burn form if Applicant is not Property Owner.

pdf-download.jpg pdf-download.jpg
Burn Permit Application Property Owners Permission Form

Important Note :
These forms are best viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader for proper functioning of the electronic submission feature. Download Adobe Reader if you don't already have it. 

Alternatively... you may fill out and save the document on your computer and then manually email the completed form to

Street Lighting

  • To report a burned out street light or to make a request to have a new street light installed please contact the trustees